Miracles Lie In The Eye Of The Beholder

"Rasputin" is a musical exploration of the people, places and events surrounding the Royal Romanov Family and their relationship with the infamous Russian peasant Grigori Efimovitch Rasputin.

While many successful musicals have been based on intriguing characters from fiction, most notably Phantom of the Opera and Jekyll & Hyde, "Rasputin" is based on compelling historical figures - Tsar Nicholas II and wife Alexandra, their four beautiful daughters, son Alexei and Rasputin, the "peasant priest" whose enigmatic mixture of sensuality and spirituality held sway over the court and confounded his many critics.

At the core of the show is the connection between Rasputin and the heir to the throne, Alexei. Suffering from hemophilia, the young Tsarevitch sees Rasputin as a mysterious healer, while others see him as an unscrupulous opportunist bent on exploiting his relationship with the Royal Family.

Parallels between Rasputin, the starets (a man of God) and Jesus Christ are striking. As healers, both men were mistrusted, persecuted and eventually executed. Little is known about their whereabouts during long stretches of their lives. Indeed it was traditional practice for holy men to vanish from public sight for years at a time. Some even believe that within each generation another Christ will be born.

Through the eyes of intolerance, Rasputin is a cunning manipulator. Through the eyes of acceptance, he is a miracle worker. A savior? A Charlatan? The miracle of Rasputin ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder.

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Michael Rapp

Acclaimed by industry professionals as one of the finest composer/lyricists in the field of Rock Opera, Michael Rapp has written for Universal, Orion Pictures, ABC, NBC, 20th Century Fox and many others including Landmark Entertainment where he wrote the music & lyrics for "The Ring" and "Masters of The Universe" with 19 sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall. He was also head of productions for Allied Artists Records where he produced everything from R&B to the Grammy Nominated remake of the classic hit "Runaway".

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Grigori Rasputin

Compelled by a vision of the Virgin Mary, Rasputin journeyed sixteen-hundred miles from his home in western Siberia to St. Petersburg, city of the Royal Family. No one knows exactly when Rasputin first arrived at the palace.